The NK IMODE Morgan Iconic Bust-Support Chemise: Star Power That Never Stops!

“What becomes a legend most?” Star Power that never stops. Thus, lingerie laurels must go to the Morgan Iconic Bust-Support Silk Chemise from NK IMODE. Still going strong after 15 years, this style, beloved by women worldwide, has spawned an entire collection of Morgan silhouettes positioning the NK IMODE brand as experts in bust-support technology. Gently brushed elastics, soft malleable lace and bias-cut silk combine to ensure maximum comfort, easy lift, and self-satisfaction. Balancing glamour and performance, the Morgan Chemise is so popular, it is available in nine colors for sizes XS-XL. Retailers and consumers love Morgan. Just listen to their accolades:

“A customer came back to pick up something & purchased $800 of this group. Must be GOOD.
Supportive chemises are everything. These are our #1 selling chemises. (And they’re silk.) Our sell-thru rate is 90%, which is super high for retail.” Chantilly Lace, Chicago, ILL.

“This is our go to chemise for anyone who wants to feel beautiful, sexy, and supported! The Morgan chemise and gown from NK IMODE is a must try!” Top Drawer Lingerie, Houston, TX

“I just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE your products. They really fill in a gap for people like me who are not plus sized but have a big bust and need support. Yours are the only ones that are classy and sexy. I have searched far and wide and bought and returned a ton of lingerie and you really are the absolute best.” Randi H. USA

“It’s so buttery soft! The support is as advertised; I couldn’t ask for a better fit. I love how it feels and looks under a dress with the lace peeking out. I definitely see more in my future, I’m hooked.” Shannon S. United Kingdom.

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