Evelyn & Bobbie Launch a Limited Edition Color: Willow

The Evelyn & Bobbie brand is a bastion of powerful technology, unprecedented comfort, and generative confidence.  How metaphorical.  This Spring, Evelyn & Bobbie delivers a Limited Edition in the color Willow, a symbol of strength, resilience, and flexibility.  Six styles; including four bras, Defy, Beyond, Evelyn and the Bobbie scoop, as well as two panty shapes will be available in this creamy rich hue.

We’ve clarified in countless stories that the patented EB Core™ technology with its 360 degree sling has been a game changer in the bra industry. Using biomimicry, these wirefree bras are constructed to conform to a woman’s breast shape. The result: a smooth, malleable fit, physical relief, and a heightened sense of wellbeing for sizes XS-3XL. Customer testimonies prove ‘these bras go beyond expectations to defy gravity with weightless lift and support.’

From Joan s., a verified buyer who gives a 5 star rating
“. . . I wasn’t really sure what to expect after reading the fabric description on the E&B website. When it arrived, I quickly discovered it was different to any bra I have ever owned.  . . . This bra provides excellent support and is super comfortable to wear. In a very short time, it’s become my favorite. I honestly don’t want to wear anything else now!”

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