Illusions of Grandeur ~ Shell Belle Couture Bridal Lingerie

I don’t even know where to start when describing the Shell Belle Couture bridal brand. It’s an exquisite, showpiece of excellence, a cornucopia of lingerie detail expertly sewn, and a true paradigm of intimate design. In today’s world held hostage by on-line media the Shell Belle Couture campaign imagery sells its story effortlessly. I can vouch that this is all true because I just saw the new Illusions of Grandeur collection and believe me, it did not disappoint. This is beauty beyond belief, each piece a singular superstar.

I can reiterate my previous points written about Shell Belle; how the sumptuous silk and French Leavers lace are crafted into precious designs in a small English enclave and sewn expertly in an exclusive atelier on the island of Mauritius. I might want to sing the praises of founder and creator Michelle Blenkinsopp and her 25-year history of creating legacy bridal pieces. This is romance amplified, investment lingerie a woman keeps for years.

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