Bridal White is Always Right ~ The Rya Collection

I was never enamored with the idea of walking down the aisle in all white. I get the attraction. I know it’s a keepsake. But there’s just a piece of me that can’t accept its one time use. I’d rather buy a horse. (At least I can ride her any day)Despite this attitude, I most admit that I have always been enchanted with wedding dresses. The intricate, ornate, and detailed integration of opulent fabrics, laces and trims have always struck me as works of art. And, for me, who revers luxury lingerie as an artform, the parallel is obvious.

No brand accomplishes this kinship quite as expertly as Flora Backer, founder, and design director of The Rya Collection. Completely in tune with the times, Flora has tapped into the emerging trend of wearing white for more than one night, repurposing the “Dress” for alternative affairs. She has assembled a boutique of intimate pieces destined for new brides yet worthy of a true after life.  As the Holiday 22 season approaches and with the Spring 23 wedding season on the horizon, these styles are not only fit for a bride, but easily integrated into a lifestyle wardrobe.

“A White Dress Doesn’t Brag About Being Sensual or Glamorous. It Just Is” Shilpa Shuja

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