Swimwear ~ Tis’ The Season!

I am back in my Los Cabos home where every other store is a swimwear boutique. Despite the plethora of choices, there are very few accommodating women needing serious attention to fit. Of course, there is a beach party scene where it’s fun to people watch, particularly bridal parties and spring breakers clad in bikinis, two-piece sets, and cool tank suits. Swimwear is a fashion microcosm, but for some, actually most women, finding the right size and look is a challenge and that’s where the lingerie brands that specialize in fit could make a killing. What a bonanza it would be if some of the brands showcased here were actually available for the general population. Believe me, the locals, particularly expats, would welcome the support.  These lingerie brands, including the recently launched Hanky Panky collection and the addition of the renowned Magicsuit and Miraclesuit labels, understand the technology of fit without sacrificing trends. It’s another lifestyle category ripe for the taking. Tis the season, as they say.

Marie Jo (and above)





Lise Charmel

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